Awake Spirit Publishing
The Mission

Awake Spirit Publishing is dedicated to publications on awakening, non-duality, the essence of enlightenment and awake living that are in cadence with global transformation, humanity, the living earth, its creatures and environment.

The Founders and Launch

Sundance Burke, author of Free Spirit: A Guide to Enlightened Being, awakened 25 years ago and twenty years ago, Katie Davis, author of Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment, awakened spontaneously without teachers or spiritual practices. In 1998, they met Eckhart Tolle and were invited to assist on tour. In the beginning, Katie worked in his offices in Canada. Subsequently, Sundance and Katie began offering their realized messages of true freedom and joy to their Seattle Heart family. They soon began traveling primarily on the West Coast and in the Southwest. Today, they are available to offer satsang worldwide.

In 2004,encouraged to write by Eckhart Tolle, Katie Davis and Sundance Burke moved from Seattle, Washington to write their books in Hawaii. Upon completion, they launched Awake Spirit Publishing to publish their books. Awake Joy and Free Spirit will be available in February 2008. The authors' websites are at Sundance and Katie, and their individual book websites are at Awake Joy and Free Spirit where you may enjoy book summaries and descriptions, contents, book reviews and author biographies.
About Us
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